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Day Twenty-Two – Oct. 2, 2010

10.03.2010 | Blog

WOO-HOO!!!  Thanks for all the prayers, and comments, and emails, and phone calls.  I was able to ride today with a little readjustment in my position.  We were also very grateful that the shoulders were wide, the road surface smooth (as you can see by one of the photos – they were also newly tarred!) and the climbs gradual.  The weather was gorgeous!  We started out in an extra shirt and a jacket but were able to shed those after about 40 miles.  We passed lots and lots of cotton fields and pecan trees.  We stopped in Seminole, but couldn’t find anything more exciting than a McDonald’s for our stop.  We passed into New Mexico (although we’re not yet finished with Texas!) right before stopping for the night.

We’re a little disappointed that we still haven’t received any of our photos from the meeting with President Bush.  We were assured that they would be on his Facebook page, but still nothing.

We drove around Hobbs for awhile this evening, but like most of the towns we have passed through, there is little to see or do.  It was IHOP for dinner.  Not very exciting, but breakfast for dinner is always a good choice!

The time has changed to an hour earlier, so we’re back to getting up at 5am!


Time: 05:56:32
Distance: 84.47 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,131 ft
Calories: 3,433 C

Live Animals:  Hawk, Cows, Horses, Goats, Llama, Dogs (2 that LOVED to chase bikes)

Dead Animals:  Mouse, Snake


Lois DuBois

Hi Kim and Rob,

I have been following your ride and commend you for dedicating it to fallen CIA officers. I had no idea of the challenges they faced.

You will be traveling through my home town of El Centro, CA. When would you be rolling through (if you know yet)? I understand if you’re not sure of the date. My husband and I have crossed the U.S. twice on bicycles and cycled Seattle to LA self-contained and sometimes it’s impossible to keep to a predetermined schedule.

All the best to the two of you. May the tailwinds be with you.

Lois DuBois


Hi Lois! Thanks for your note. We anticipate coming through El Centro, after spending the night in Brawley, sometime the morning of the 25th. Can you recommend any good coffee shops there? We are desperate for a decent cup of coffee! 🙂 Congrats to you and your husband! I can’t imagine doing this more than once.

Thanks for the good wishes!