Why are you riding? We are riding in support of the Memorial Fund supporting the families of Central Intelligence Agency officers who are injured or die in the line of duty and to raise public awareness about the service and sacrifice of the men and women of the CIA.

Is this ride sponsored by the CIA or U.S. Government? It is not.  The ride is not related in any manner to any element of the government.

Where will the funds raised by the ride go? All funds raised by the ride will be passed on directly to the Memorial Fund.

Why the Southern Tier route across country? It is the shortest of the transnational routes at circa 3200 miles.

Why are you starting your ride in September? While we’d like to have gone when the weather was cooler, we have a son starting college in late August and our timing needs to revolve around our family.  As well, we thought starting the ride on September 11th was important.