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Day Twenty-Six – Oct. 6, 2010

10.07.2010 | Blog

What a great day in El Paso!  We were able to sleep in (yay!) and read the paper and catch up on emails.  We headed out to Scenic Drive, overlooking the city, where we were hosted for lunch by the El Paso Police Academy and Municipal Police Officers Association.  We had a great time and even got to meet a few of their bicycle patrol officers.  We were also interviewed by four local television stations, for broadcast on this evening’s news.  Many people have been eager to hear about what the CIA does and why the Memorial Fund is important.

We then headed back to the city and did a walking tour of the downtown area.  It began in San Jacinto Plaza, original site of Ponce de Leon’s ranch, wound through El Paso’s downtown historic district and ended on Mills Street at the Kress Building, home of the famous dime store.  Most of my pictures are from that tour.  We stopped and had a drink at an outside cafe (the weather was beautiful!) and then headed to the hotel for a bit, before going back out for dinner.  We’re looking forward to one more day here in this city!


Karen S

I have been keeping up with your trip through the RSS feed – I’m glad to see you’re getting a couple of days off! Look forward to your ending your ride here in San Diego. We’ll do our best to get the weather back on track before you get here! Good luck on the second half!

Karen S