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Day Twenty – Sept. 30, 2010

10.01.2010 | Blog

We left Mineral Wells this morning on our tuned-up, cleaned-up bikes and headed west.  We kept going and going and going and going and 50 miles later we hit the first town!  We really didn’t see much of anything, but the shoulders were very wide and the drivers gave us plenty of room.  It was a beautiful day and we actually had to wear jackets for the first part of the ride.  We stopped for a grilled cheese sandwich at Beemer’s Buckaroo Bakery in Breckenridge (say that 3 times fast!) and while we were there John Thomas heard why we are riding and gave us a VERY generous donation!  That made it much easier to head back out.  The road was VERY bumpy and we never got over 10 mph all day.  Some of the hills we climbed had us going only 5 mph!  We went on a 1/2 mile bridge over the Hubbard Creek Lake, which was very pretty.  We also went through the Trent Wind Farm which has about 150 wind turbines.  We had a great dinner at Lytle Land & Cattle Company, complete with a “swirl” (Raspberry Margarita swirled with Sangria).

Right now Rob and I are having a “discussion” about tomorrow’s ride.  Since my tailbone is not completely healed, I had a hard time riding today and kept shifting around trying to find a comfortable spot.  This caused me to ride differently, which has made my knees hurt.  But, I think I can make tomorrow’s ride, as it will be only a little over 60 miles.  So, watch this space tomorrow to see the outcome!


Time: 07:44:03
Distance: 82.89 mi
Elevation Gain: 2,298 ft
Calories: 3,663 C

Live Animals: Lizard, Cows, Horses, Sheep, Goats, Too many dogs to count, Heron

Dead Animals:  Turtle

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