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Day Twenty-Five – Oct. 5, 2010

10.06.2010 | Blog

Today started off with our first flat tire of the trip! (mine, front)  After a quick change, we were on our way.  We traveled along the US-Mexico border for most of our ride, passing many border patrol officers (and many who slowed down to take a look at us).  We stopped at one of the border cafes for breakfast and had a great egg and potato burrito and huevos rancheros!  We passed lots of pecan groves, cotton fields and corn fields.  We met a man, Bob Lindsey, who had traveled from Oregon and was on his way to Florida.  When we asked what he was going to do when he got there, he answered; “Turn around and head back.”

We got into El Paso, and with the help of the Garmin on the bike and Google Maps on my phone, we finally found our hotel.  We went by The Bicycle Company to drop off Rob’s bike, since he had a few broken spokes.  Then we had an AMAZING dinner at “The Garden” (I have really missed vegetables!)   We are looking forward to having 2 days off before we start riding again!


Time: 05:43:51
Distance: 73.94 mi
Elevation Gain: 385 ft
Calories: 2,568 C

Live Animals:  Miniature Horse, Cows, Burros, Horses, Yellow-Crowned Night Heron, Jack Rabbit, Dogs (getting a little tired of hearing squealing tires as these dogs come out to chase us!)

Dead Animals:  Snakes



Are you caring around a Bird Book or are you just wonderfully smart. A Yellow-Crowned Night Heron? Also, seen any Jack-a-lopes yet?

Gary Smith

Rob. I can’t believe this!! You guys must be having fun! I can hardly wait to hear about this first hand


Being able to see the country and at the same time raising money for a wonderful cause. Life does not get any better than that.

Have a safe trip!!!


I will be checking your site regularly. I have been with the organization for 37+ yrs. and your efforts for such a worthy cause makes me proud of the association. It is people like you both that have made me feel good about my career choice. I hope your fund raising effort is as successful. Than