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Day Thirty – Oct. 10, 2010

10.11.2010 | Blog

Happy 10/10/10 to everyone!

We had a great rest day in Silver City, NM.  The town has lots of interesting shops and places to eat.  We met a couple who are biking from San Diego to St. Augustine and took their picture at the Continental Divide sign.  We enjoyed a great meal at Isaac’s and found a few little souvenirs (as my mother always says, “Jewelry doesn’t take up any room at all!”).  We walked around Bullard Street, where many of the buildings date from the 1880s.  Billy the Kid was jailed here in 1875, at the age of 15, and his mother is buried in the Memory Lane Cemetery.  This is definitely a place I want to come back to visit!



Hi Rob and Kim (Penny and Barb, too),
Matt and Ryan just shared with me that they bumped into you in Silver City… I was thrilled to hear that you were able to enjoy the downtown and relax. Just read your blog… WOW!! You all were in my thoughts and prayers yesterday and will be as you continue on your journey. Kim, let me know if Rob gets any more of those crazy ideas in his head, I’ll help find an alternate route!!
God Bless!


Oh you two are so amazing. I will keep you allll in my prayers.

I wish I could fly out and be there when you reach the Pacific!!! But I have to resist and plan my next trip to see the kids. Take care and God Bless. love k