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Day Thirty-Nine – Oct. 19, 2010

10.20.2010 | Blog

Today we were hosted at lunch by retired officers of various agencies of the U.S. Government.  Present at the lunch were prominent local businesspeople and senior representatives of the FBI and Intelligence Community.  We discussed the purpose of the ride and a variety of other topics.  We received donations for the fund as well as future promises of support.  It was a great venue to discuss the service and sacrifice of the men and women of the CIA – and the food was great!

We did a last minute service on Rob’s bike, as he was having some difficulty with his back tire.  He ended up needing a new one and Southwest Bicycles was able to replace it quickly and at a reduced price.  We went to the local thrift store to make a few donations and also went to UPS and mailed a few boxes home of the items we no longer need.  It’s very exciting to think we’re getting so close to the end!

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