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Day Thirty-Four – Oct. 14, 2010

10.15.2010 | Blog

What a GREAT welcome we had today in Tucson!  We drove here from Globe (we couldn’t quite figure out how to bicycle the 130 miles in time to be here by 1:00 – and it wasn’t on our route).  On the drive we saw lots of saguaro (cactus) and a couple of coyotes.  We stopped outside of town in order to pedal in to The Lodge at Ventana Canyon and had a great lunch at El Charro Cafe.  As we rode up up the hill and rounded the corner into The Lodge, there were reporters waiting in golf carts to film our arrival and follow us in.  As we made our way closer to the resort, we saw many people cheering and clapping for us.  It was a great opportunity for us to speak about the work that the people of the CIA are doing and the sacrifice they make every day.

After doing an interview with the local Fox and NBC stations, we loaded our bikes in the van to take them to Oro Valley Bicycle in order to make sure they are ready for the last leg of the trip.  After moving into our room and doing a few loads of laundry, we met Tom McMahon for drinks (he has provided the arrival photos as we pedaled into The Lodge) and then we enjoyed a great dinner while watching the bats fly around the canyon!



OMG what beautiful country. I must get to the Southwest again soon I forgot how beautiful it was. Soak it all in, remember Winter is coming. Ug. Love ya


We have to plan a trip to Silver City! Love you lots and lots! Kim