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Pedaling for Patriots Underway

9.11.2010 | Blog

Kim and Rob dipped their rear wheels in the Atlantic Ocean shortly after sunrise this morning  in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  After speaking with a crowd of well-wishers including members of the Jacksonville Beach Police Department, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department,  a contingent from the “Iron Pigs” motorcycle club, and a number  of CIA Alumni, they started  pedaling toward California.

We hope to post photos and video tomorrow.


The LaBonte's

Hi Rob, Kim and all those who have just started off for the journey across the US,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you today and every day on this adventure. May God be with everyone to keep spirits high and give you the strength to endure these next 2 months. Smile, during the toughest of moments. Laugh, after the success of those tough moments. Breathe, once the day is complete.
Our gratitude to you all for remembering and supporting a great cause, and those who have sacrificed behind the shadows.
Much Love,
Racheal and Raina

Karen S


Dane Poling

Hi Kim and Rob,
Our prayers for your safety ,endurance and God’s wisdom go with you on your trip across America.