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Fox 5 DC News Segment

9.07.2010 | Blog


Congrats on your up coming trek across your country! We as Canadians have historically benifited from being the neighbour and little brother of the U.S. The efforts your officers give for your country indirectly help and protect us as Canadians. The very nature of your business insures you do not get the credit you all deserve. Can a Canadian donate?


Hi Tim! Thanks for your note! You may certainly donate. If you go to the “donate” link on the web page you will see the PayPal link. That is probably the easiest way. Of course, you may also write a check and send it to this address:

The CIA Officers Memorial Foundation
c/o Arnold & Porter LLP
555 12th Street N.W.
Washington, D.C., 20004

*Please note “Pedaling for Patriots” on your donation. If you would like your donation listed on our sponsor page, please let us know that you have mailed a check.