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Day Twelve – Sept. 22, 2010

9.23.2010 | Blog

This was the day of crazy weather!  It started off hot and muggy, then the clouds came in about 10:00am.  By 1:00pm, it was about 10° cooler and we had been rained on for 5 miles.  Then the sun came out and the heat came back.  By 2:00pm, we were biking into 25mph winds and looking at very, very dark clouds.  The rain started again soon after that and we were sprayed by trucks for the next 20 miles.  By the time we reached the Texas border, it was back up to 90°!

However, the roads were perfect for biking; wide shoulders with a rumble strip separating us from the highway.  We were able to go 17-20mph for most of the day!  Our first stop was in Oberlin, where we met David Wolfe at the Main Street Diner.  He very kindly let us come in for a drink, even though he wasn’t yet open for the day, and wouldn’t let us pay for them!

We continued 35 miles, past lots of farms and rice paddies, until we reached Deridder, where we had a quick lunch.  We had 28 miles to go until we crossed the Texas border!  It is hard to believe we were in Florida just five days ago.  But, we will be in Texas for about 2 weeks!


Time: 06:39:04
Distance: 94.51 mi
Elevation Gain: 904 ft
Calories: 3,996 C

Live Animals:  Hawks, Cattle Egret, Tricolored Heron, Horses, Cows, Miniature Horses, Goats, Donkey, Texas Longhorn Cattle, Muskrat, Snake (pretty blue one)

Dead Animals: Bullfrog (biggest one we’ve ever seen!), River Otters, Hawk, Turtle, Opossum, Snakes

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