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Day Three – Sept. 13, 2010

9.14.2010 | Blog

We got started this morning at 6:40am, which wasn’t such a grand idea, since it was very dark.  We won’t be doing that again!  We stopped in Gretna for a snack and met a very nice Arab man who owned the store.  How a Muslim Jordanian ended up selling beer in tiny little Gretna, FL is an interesting story, I’m sure!

We passed a Correctional Facility with workers in the field and cutting grass, along with a sign which read “Armed Supervisors – DO NOT APPROACH – No Photos”.  We pedaled a little quicker through there!

Chattahoochee was a small town with a bar named “Hoochee’s” and a salon called “You’re a Hot Mess”.  The hills in and out of there were incredible!  As we left town and crossed the river, we changed to the Central Time Zone.  We took another short break in Grand Ridge, where we met up with Penny and had something to eat.

We continued on Route 90, where the sign for Marianna said “City of Southern Charm”.  It was anything but charming!  We were spit on, yelled at, honked at and cut off at almost every turn.  We were SO glad to get out of there!   Not long after that, we crossed Alligator Creek but didn’t see any alligators, although we did see a big turtle.  We’ve made great time and are already a bit ahead of schedule.  That means a few easier days ahead!


Time: 06:41:57
Distance: 87.55 mi
Elevation Gain: 2,032 ft
Calories: 3,686 C

Live animals:  Donkeys, Cows, Horses, Lots of Pit Bulls and other dogs, Snake, Turtle

Dead animals:  Armadillo, Opossum, Raccoon, Frogs, Snakes


Penny Hurlbert

I’m enjoying reading and tracking your progress. Day 2 was a little tense – glad all is well and the weather stays good for you. Give my best to my cuz Penny.

Judith McCallum

i have got to get to that salon “You’re a Hot Mess” – that is the best…..


Hahahahahaha!! Thanks Judy! I knew people would enjoy seeing that – although Rob didn’t understand why I was laughing so hard!