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Day Thirteen – Sept. 23, 2010

9.24.2010 | Blog

Today was an unexpected down day!  We were looking at the map and read, “narrow two-lane road with no shoulders, ride defensively, you’ll encounter logging trucks”.  We have had too many bad experiences with logging trucks to risk going on these roads, so we have rerouted ourselves onto even smaller roads.  This means we will, most likely, lose the nice, wide shoulders, but the traffic should be lighter, and more importantly, safer!  As you can see by our photos, we have had a chance to wash the van, eat good food and get some much needed rest.  I was also able to take a good look at my big toe, which wasn’t a pretty site, so don’t look at that if you’re squeamish!  Back on the road in the morning!



I do not see pictures of your toe. So what is wrong with it? Poor fitting shoes? You should have bought good ones not at the Goodwill store. Love ya

Elizabeth Luffy

Hi Kim and Rob!
I have been meaning to write – have really enjoyed your postings! Ellen and I had a good laugh about the “big stick” in the road a few days back! So glad you didn’t fall off your bike, Rob, when you really saw what it was. That is one of the more scary things you were not looking forward to on your ride. Not fun to hear about the logging trucks either – remember what they were like in St. Mary’s GA when we were stationed at Kings Bay. So glad you had a day of rest today.
I have called Samantha three times and dropped off a card atthe house. Shehas not responded, so that must mean she is doing well and responding to the treatment her internist started her on before you guys left for your trip.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you two plus your support team and visiting riders!