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Day One – Sept. 11, 2010

9.13.2010 | Blog

We had a GREAT send-off at Jacksonville Beach.  Not only were the Iron Pigs there, but Bruce Thomason, the chief of police, rode his bike with us out of town. Then the Jacksonville Police Dept. gave us an escort all the way to the beginning of the Jacksonville-Baldwin Trail!

We met Penny at the end of the trail (40 miles completed) for a quick peanut butter sandwich and we were off again.  Drivers were very nice and gave us lots of room.  We took US 10 to Lake City and had wide, clean shoulders the whole way.  It was 103 degrees when we reached Lake City.

Our stats:

Time: 06:03:02
Distance: 82.58 mi
Elevation Gain: 2,527 ft
Calories: 3,569 C

Live animals – Donkey, Turkey, Chickens, Cows, Snake

Dead animals – Alligator, Armadillo, Swan, snakes

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