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Day Four – Sept. 14, 2010

9.15.2010 | Blog

We left Bonifay at 6am, since we are now in the Central Time Zone and it gets light earlier.  We road about 20 miles and stopped for breakfast at Sally’s in Ponce de Leon.  We spoke with a lot of nice people there while watching ducks and cats check out our bikes.  One man asked us, “How are getting married and getting drunk the same?”  “Because if you do it more than once, you’re a fool!”  Then he proceeded to tell us that he’d been a fool 3 times!

Because we’re very close to our Wednesday stop, we decided to break up the mileage and do 2 short days, so we only went about 60 miles today.  Besides the very intoxicated young man juggling a beer bottle on the side of the road, there was little to see.  We did go through Caryville – “Worm Fiddlin’ Capital of the World” – where there apparently is an annual festival, but we missed it.

For those who asked, our stats include the amount of time we actually bicycled, not including stops, breaks, stretches and meals.  The elevation gain is the total amount of feet we climbed during the ride, not how high we are.


Time: 04:27:25
Distance: 57.75 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,177 ft
Calories: 2,424 C

Live Animals – Brahman Bulls, Miniature Horses, Donkeys, Cows, Dogs, Cats and Ducks

Dead Animals – Armadillo (We wondered why we see so many of them.  Apparently it is due to their habit of jumping to about fender height when startled.  The car wins every time.)


Your NameDave

Watch out for Armadillos!

Semper Fi, Marines!


Hahahahahahaha!! Thanks Dave! Now if we could only see a LIVE one instead of all the ones on the side of the road!!