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Day Fifteen – Sept. 25, 2010

9.26.2010 | Blog

Today was the first time Rob had to ride by himself.  He said he was lonely – but he made much better time without me!  I think that’s because I hold my breath and stop pedaling every time a truck passes by!  It was very hilly today, but without the GPS on his bike, we’re not sure how much he climbed.  He also took a wrong turn and went 10 miles out of the way. (Guess he really DOES need me!)  He also had to pedal through about 15 miles of craziness, as it was the annual “Round Top Texas Antique Festival“.  Both sides of the road were filled with tents and tables, people were crossing the street without looking and traffic was at a standstill.

A few weeks ago we received a note from Wade Jackson (who saw our story on CNN), letting us know his friend was biking from CA to FL and that we may pass him somewhere along the way.  Because of the magic of Facebook and AT&T, Joey Paul and I were able to connect and today, in La Grange, TX, we met him!  He is riding, totally unsupported, sleeping where he can and riding at all times of the day and night.  What an adventurer!!!

We had dinner at a great place called “Paddy’s Texas Kitchen” which had all kinds of barbecue, seafood, homemade potato chips, buns and apple pie.  Yum!


  • Time:  6:30
  • Distance:  84 miles

Live Animals:  Horses, Cows, Donkeys, Hawk, Dogs (chased by 4)

Dead Animals:  Armadillo, Opossum, Snake, Frogs, Deer

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