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Associated Press Story On Pedaling for Patriots 9-11-10

9.10.2010 | Blog

Retired CIA officer to ride for donations

The Associated Press

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A retired CIA officer is set to embark on a cross-country bicycle ride to raise awareness and money to support the children of agency officers killed in the line of duty.

Rob Richer retired from the CIA in 2005 as the second highest ranking member of the agency’s clandestine services after spending much of his career overseas in Yemen, Tunisia, Nepal, Jordan and throughout the Middle East.

Richer will be joined on the roughly 45-day ride by his wife, Kim. It will begin Sept. 11 in Jacksonville, ending in San Diego, Calif.

Richer says he wants to raise awareness about the sacrifices of his fallen colleagues, who live largely in the shadows due to the secretive nature of the work. All funds will go to the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation.

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Hey Cuz, so proud of you and your efforts, Someday soon I am going to have to meet your great family. Will be praying for you and your wife for a safe trip, full of joy and happiness. Best Regards, while you are biking through this country, this Saturday, I willl finally ge to spend some time with my brother Ron watching the Iowa vs Iowa State football game, I root for hawks , He roots for the cyclones. go figure. Anyway, May God and all the angels be with you this trip. Cousin Bill