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You know you’re riding in the country when…

5.14.2010 | Blog

you have to dodge chickens and horse poop!  We had a great ride today, starting in Purcellville, through Waterford, Lovettsville and Hillsboro.  We climbed Short Hill Mountain at the end of the ride.

We saw buffalo(!), a HUGE black snake (about 6 ft. long), a skunk and a fox – along with those chickens and horses.  We had a great lunch at the Lovettsville Pizza and Subs ( and walked around Thrifty Sisters Treasures (  We also tried the Clif Shock Roks, a protein bite about the size of a grape.  The chocolate-chip cookie dough flavor isn’t too bad, although it tastes a little like a malted milk ball mixed with a jellybean.

The hills today convinced us that we definitely need a bike with more lower gears, so we have an appointment on Monday at The Bike Lane in Reston ( to look at the Surly Long Haul and get a proper fitting.

We got an interesting phone call today, so we may have some exciting news next week.  Please keep checking back for more information!!

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