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We’re still wondering why

5.15.2010 | Blog

We were doing a 20 mile ride today and were on the Loudoun County Parkway (4 lane divided road through neighborhoods) for part of the ride.  There was very light traffic and we were on the far right side.  A woman in a mini-van, with 3 small children in the back, came up from behind and started laying on her horn, rolled down the window and gave us the middle-finger!  What is THAT all about???


Average Canadian

Hi, I just wanted to stop by and commend you and yours for remembering those that go ‘oft times go unsung.
I can relate to your comment about the lady – today I walked through a small rally for the Israeli/Palestinian causes with people on both sides.
As I walked through the middle it made me lose thoughts for myself and look at such a complex issue.
On my way home some young person in a stretch SUV limo decided to shout a random F-shot my way.
It made me think of what you experienced when I had come across this article some days ago now.
Again, I think all of the free world owes a debt of gratitude and even though some are unknown, to some of us they are surely not forgotten.


An Average Canadian brother.


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